Beryl Project – Blockchain Predictions

As the cryptocurrency market grows and more and more investors are coming into the market, we decided to give our take on the whole thing. Truth of the matter is that it is slowly making its way into the mainstream world. A lot of communities are poping up and even more coins are being created.

Institutions and general public will understand blockchain technonology

The recent price rise caught many peoples attention, who want to understand what is going on. In 2018, we believe that blockchain will be pushed into the mainstream. More companies will see the benefit of the distributed ledger and implement the blockchain into their companies.

A change in ICOs is coming

There is significant lack of regulations in the ICO landscape and we expect that this will change drastically in 2018. The SEC is already cracking down on the the fake coin offerings. There are loads of ICOs coming

out every day, many of them just looking to make a quick buck, robing people of their money. You can check this upcoming ICO schedule at and see how many actually are in the making.

Decentralization can help data privacy

By decentralizing data, identity theft can become much harder. Once critical mass is reached, scaling it will be a matter of time. With data being decentralized, it will become increasingly harder to hack and steal sensitive data.

Investing will be easier and safer

So far, not a lot of exchanges have been compliant with the regulations in the traditional markets, largely due to the fact that it is such a new market. We believe that regulation can be good and the only way to grow the crypto markets and blockchain technology further. In november 2017 the worlds first company was licensed by the Dubai government to a company called Regal RA DMCC. They have partnered up with Llyod’s of London and offer insurance for the market value of your assets. If you are looking to invest yourself, but don’t know where to start, you can read the predictions at on the best coins to invest in 2018.

Regal is also offering a Bitcoin, Ehtereum and Litecoin IRA account enabling baby boomers to invest in the top cryptocurrencies.

They also offer a referral program for anyone interested in sharing the offer. You can read more about their affiliate program here.

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