Beryl Project Sponsored The Fan Page Domination Program

After a few months of testing and negotiating with Anthony Morrison (an online marketer that has been featured in INC 500), we have finalldominating with fan pagesy came to an agreement to set up a collaboration on his latest training course – the fan page domination. Why you might ask yourself? Because we believe this guy is super legit when it comes to teaching people how to make a living online. The project we decided to sponsor him on is a training course that teaches you all about making money online with facebook fan pages. Here are the reasons why Facebook is a great medium to start:

Now who does not have an account in Facebook and who does not have everyday access both mobile and desktop? Not only for the very best possible social networking, Facebook can be used for marketing too. Yes, there is a option, where you can have a custom-made Facebook fan page that will engage your content.

Ways to make an appealing fan page

Facebook has countless regular users searching for pages just like yours. Here are some suggestions you can follow for your Facebook fan page design:

1- Get more raving fans – Your fan page needs to be appealing enough that people suggest it to their friends – this will¬† get your pages published on personal profiles. And if you are currently known then there would be individuals who would “like” your fan page and in that method it would be easy for you to install info, deals and likewise to interact.

2- Utilize videos, images and event lists – When you have any upcoming events, blog posts, videos – make sure you let everybody know about it. You can send out invites in bulk on Facebook. And you shall get an evaluation of people attending it, as there would be a choice for them to choose.

3- Have your logo or letterhead copy-pasted on the fan page- Custom-made Facebook fan pages are all about having an identity of your own. So that people know you and interact with you, where your copyright and promotion is essential. This is something Anthony Morrison emphasizes in his – Facebook fan pages business model training.¬† You can have your company’s logo design, letterhead or images pasted on the display screen chart and on wall posts, so that you are determined.

4- FB Ads – Facebook provides one of the best advertising platform where your featured website can be seen if an individual clicks on the ad.

Facebook welcome page is where it signifies exactly what is in store for your users, and there is a hell great deal of competitors, and following such basic patterns of Facebook sharing will supply a great deal of impetus on advertising functions, where custom-made created fan pages can be made accessible, and as for stars this works wonders. You will learn all about using FB ads to even further improve the reach of your business. Read more in – fan page business training review.

You have a good friend list in your fan page, as “fans” and this is something nobody talks about openly. Another good resource to read is – how facebook fan pages are good for business. Your posts will be public, as you can make wall feeds. If you do it right, you can have hoards of free traffic coming in to your funnels with literally a push of a button.

Here are some quick tips on how you can boost your current fan pages reach:

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