Have You Ever Heard Of The Beryl Project?

What Is It All About The Beryl Project?

As any avid user of Linux knows there are many benefits to using this operating system. However, for new users who have recently started to dip their toes in the Beryl Linux waters, there are certain basic functions that a Windows or Mac user takes for granted that in linux requires some effort.



A Modular System 

Linux is a modular system which means that everything has to be programmed individually and this includes something as seemingly basic as drawing your windows borders on a computer screen. That is where Beryl comes in. Beryl is a window manager, which means that it has responsibilities for all things windows related. As 3d technology evolves this seemingly irrelevant piece of software will gain much more importance and significance. Not only is Beryl responsible for drawing the windows on the screen, but just as importantly it is responsible for HOW they are drawn. This means that once you master Beryl you can create some amazing animations relatively simply with beryl.


Some Of The Magical Things That Beryl Can Help You Do

If this was a keynote speech and we wanted to wow the audience perhaps the best demonstration would be how Beryl enables the user to watch the TV for instance while installing software. The prompts and other software installation menus can still be seen, but with a degree of opaqueness which means that you don’t have to sit there for hours watching a boring screen, or Windows users take note, rebooting the machine every ten minutes or so when prompted.

As we all know Linux is capable or regenerating an old computer, that has long since been left behind by windows. Due to the lower specs required and the efficiency of the Linux software watching graphically intensive movies on an old graphics card is still very achievable. Beryl enhances this and transforms any old pc into a media center. When you demonstrate this to your friends and family they will literally be shocked. And that is before you demonstrate that picture in picture capabilities of Beryl which still amaze me today having used it for quite a long time about Beryl Ubuntu.


Linux Beryl is Cool and Cheap

There are so many options and varieties of software that you can get for Linux. And the vast majority of the programs are all free. Linux is one of the best kept secrets in the computer world and Beryl enhances and adds to the functionality no end. If you haven’t installed linux Beryl yet, put it right at the top of your To Do List inside Beryl Ubuntu.

What About The New Showbox for PC?

It is the new app which allows you to live stream any TV show or movie which you can think of right now. The best feature about this showbox for pc service is that you don’t need to download all the movies to you disk but you can just click and play.

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