0.1.3 Release Notes

This is a basic set of 0.1.3 release notes, these are not yet complete. As it stands right now 0.1.3 will be quickly followed up by with support for feisty fawn. Then it is on to 0.1.4, check our trac for milestone information.

New Plugins:

  • Group Plugin
  • 3D World Plugin
  • Input Enabled Zoom
  • Annotate Plugin (ported from Compiz)
  • Clone Output Plugin (ported from Compiz)

New Decorators:

  • Heliodor — Metacity Themes (port of gtk-window-decorator)
  • Aquamarine — KWin Themes

New Features:

  • New Multicube Modes
  • Transparent Cube Mode
  • New Zoom From Center Options For Animations
  • Drag and Drop Support in Scale
  • Blur Cache Functionality Increased
  • Pointer Restrain On Resize
  • Allow Minimized Windows to Show on Scale
  • Negative Windows Have Exclude List

Major Bugfixes:

  • Several Multihead Fixes
  • Strip Fade Plugin To Avoid Conflicts
  • Fix Vsync Issues on Nvidia Cards
  • Many Many Translation Updates
  • Lots of Memory Leaks Plugged
  • Overall Code Cleanup
  • Fixed Icon Placement in Switcher
  • Fix Animations With Scale