Basic Considerations When Selecting A 7 Figure eCommerce Business Strartegy

Thanks to the omnipresence of commercial 7 figure business websites and the ever-increasing number of companies interested in establishing eCommerce platforms, you have more choices than ever before when selecting software systems. Popular examples include osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, Prestashop, and many more. It’s important to get a good grasp on your organization’s specific needs before committing to an eCommerce system; here are some key aspects that you should be considering.


Catalog Management Of Your eCommerce Products

Any good eCommerce solution needs to be able to handle catalog management. The system needs to be an efficient solution for managing your entire inventory. Batch import and export functions are especially important if you have a large existing catalog to put online. Moving products around en masse will save you a tremendous amount of time. Could you imagine how many productive hours would be wasted if you were to upload a 3,000-product catalog to your server one at a time?

Scheduling is another important catalog feature that your eCommerce system should handle. Making price adjustments – to single products, groups, or your whole catalog – should be something that you can set up in advance. This is something that will help you scale the business to 7 figures. You can read more about building a  7 figure cycle and the key strategies. Your eCommerce system also needs to have a robust search function with filtering options. This makes it easier to track down individual products in the catalog.

Promotional Tools – facebook ads

Any eCommerce website needs to be promoted and marketed if it’s going to be successful. A good eCommerce platform will help you with this. A proper system includes pricing rules that you can set up to easily manage special offers, limited-time sales, and member vs. non-member pricing. A good marketing system will do all of this effortlessly and may also include functions the help you organize sales, cross-sell, and upsell – you can read more here. A robust suite of marketing functions will help you attract and retain customers just like you can see here.

Shipping Considerations

While it’s not an integral part of every online store, when it is used, a shipping and delivery module becomes crucial. The shipping and delivery module governs the most critical part of your store’s interaction with your customers. Good shipping modules are highly customizable, offering you full control over the different shipping options presented to customers. Remember that you’ll need to integrate your eCommerce platform with national and international carriers to provide the highest possible level of service to your customers. DHL and FedEx, for instance, make real-time shipping rates available. Is your system capable of passing this info directly to your online customers?

Payment for your 7 Figure eCommerce store

While shipping and delivery are vital to satisfying customers, your eCommerce payment system is vital to satisfying yourself! After all, turning a profit is the whole point of selling your products online with the 100k factory. Make sure your eCommerce system is as flexible as possible when it comes to handling credit cards, payment gateways, and other transaction options. It’s definitely in your favor to make the range of payment options presented to the customer as extensive as possible. Do a little research on your ideal customers to confirm that you’re offering their preferred methods of payment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is technically part of online marketing. It’s so important that it deserves separate consideration apart from the marketing and promotional concerns discussed above. Your eCommerce platform needs to have robust optimization features in place because proper optimization will allow potential customers to find your products with their preferred search engine. Good optimization will turn every part of your site into a potential selling tool and greatly expand your online reach. It is also possible to build your 7 figure business with affiliate marketing – This is VERY good article at

From an eCommerce perspective, it’s important to check that your platform of choice arranges your “under the hood” information in ways that are comprehensible to the search engines’ indexing algorithms. Your eCommerce system should create logical sitemaps that are easy to index. Individual product pages should receive search engine friendly URLs. Finally, you should have a direct interface that lets you edit the meta information attached to each of your product pages.

7 Figure eCommerce Business – Whats is The Secret Behind The Bery Project?

Obviously, a big part of picking out an 7 Figure eCommerce business model is possibly the biggest part – is having a clear understanding of your organization’s unique needs. Certain features are broadly applicable across virtually all industries, and these are the issues discussed here. By keeping these topics in mind and using what you’ve learned to evaluate your choices, your odds of picking out a perfect eCommerce system will go up dramatically. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you have particularly complex eCommerce challenges to tackle. Consultants can guide you to the best solutions or, in extreme cases, even create customized solutions expressly designed for your organization. It makes sense to invest in the eCommerce tools you need in order to better serve your customers – and to attract more of them!