How We Created a Search Engine Marketing Agency From Scratch?

The 5 Keys To Starting A Successful Digital Marketing Agency


About two decades ago, the starting and running a search engine marketing agency was a massive undertaking. The digital landscape was still at its infancy, and thus the operations overhead for such a venture was daunting and seemingly impossible if you lacked sufficient capital. The media is central to marketing, and the physical and traditional media used back then also did little to help fabricate something that had promising returns on investment. As such, being “in the red” was somewhat inevitable.
Fortunately, those days are behind us, and things are very different today. A small team of skilled individuals or just one skilled person can come up with a fully operational digital marketing agency within weeks. When not somebody else this thought us the two internet marketing gurus Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton from Parallel Profits, who started their own local SEM business from scratch and are now making over $560.000 in revenue every year. You can read more about Parallel Profits in GFKamerica’s article about Parallel Profits or visit the official website
With more and more players in the corporate sector appreciating the usefulness of digital advertising in growing awareness for their companies, digital marketing agencies are in high demand. Therefore, you are thinking of trying your hand in such a venture, then below are five steps you should follow when starting an online search engine marketing agency.
1. Develop The Essential Skills
Those grand plans of becoming a successful entrepreneur soon after getting your diploma or degree are well placed, but will often remain as pipe dreams. You need to have the necessary knowledge and skill of the trade or profession you are eyeing so that these things can set you up as an intelligent creative for your business and this will help you gain the necessary experience for dealing with different aspects of your job. You need to know how to draw up project plans, manage accounts and even establish a client relationship.
So you can gain these things by starting somewhere, working for someone before you start your venture. Going it alone or even if you have one or two partners or employees can prove to be an uphill challenge as you learn the ropes of the trade. You need to know how to manage your expectation, how to communicate, and how to take the good with the bad. You should know your products or services, have a business culture and be the one stirring your enterprise in the right direction.
In short, acquire the necessary skills in the search engine marketing sector and master the same are two different things with the last being a result of experience. The more your hone the essential skills and gain more and more understanding for the trade, the well-rounded you will be a digital marketer.
2. Be A Contractor Before Becoming A Founder
As highlighted in the first point above, you need to start from somewhere. You cannot jump before you know how to stand or run before knowing how to walk. Working for yourself is a significant leap that comes with its risks. As such, you will mitigate the risks by opting to develop the foundation for your profession before you be your own boss. You can start with some contracting projects on the side as you hold down a full-time job.
3. Have A Business Model
Every budding company that eyes success should have a business model, you need one for your digital marketing agency. The business model should highlight the products and services your offer, your billing systems, and the overall management parameters – long-term and short-term.
4. Define Your Niche
Avoid being wooed by your competitors but you also should not be quick to turn a deaf ear to them. It is easy to be seduced by such prospects when it is your livelihood on the line when you feel your venture is not bringing expected returns. So, you can give your enterprise a firm footing right from the start by ensuring that you specialize; have a niche that makes you unique, that lets you stand out amidst the thousands of other online marketing agencies.
5. Decide To Scale Up Smart
People’s expectation of you when you mention to them that you are starting an SEM agency is that you will have an office space and have a support staff. However, you should not lower your plan regarding such expectation. Having an office and employees means that you have more bills to pay. Take such steps if you are confident you have enough financial resources to cater to them and see you and your venture survive the infancy stage.
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